Dedicated to the memory of Leanne

This site is a tribute to Leanne, 

Leanne Patricia Eccles Born on 23rd/05/80 Passed Away(unexpectedly)on 05/01/07
Aged 26
Lived on the Woodchurch estate.

Daughter of Carol and only sister of John.
Suffered With Cystic Fibrosis.
A much loved person of many.....Dearly missed by Mum carol,Brother john,Nan & All family members and many many friends.

Leanne had a wonderful personality and lived life to the full.
She was a caring loving person who had time for anyone.
Her love in life were her two cats tabs and miya who she adored and they are now looked after by mum carol and brother john. 
Leanne was a character she was always up for laugh and enjoyed all the time she could get with her cousins...she was still a child at heart and her collection of winnie the pooh items would tell you that!She had endless amounts of the stuff (from bedding to pencils)!!!!!
she also had a passion for music her favourite artist was "pink"...her favourite colour was also pink! which may i add here was the theme colour for her funeral,
(she told all the men the day befor she passed...that they had to wear pink shirts and ties and the women pink blouses!!!!!!)
so now you can see from that what her personality was like!
she definatley had the last laugh there hey!!!!!!Ha ha(men in pink shirts and ties.....!)Her funeral was fit for a princess with white horses in pink ribbons & feathers and a beautiful glass carridge that supported her beautiful pink coffin surrounded by pink & white flower tributes(she was my princess & this may not sound right but it was so beautiful)...susan porter did her proud & my family(she walked every step of the way with us for which i can never thank her enough!)
we will all miss her you leanne and miss you so much babes x
if by any chance your reading this then plz light a candle for a much loved much missed person thanks x

Anyone who wishes to contact susan can at:Susan Porter Funeral Directors:Arrowpark Road,Upton,Wirral,Tel:0151-677-6966(what you want sue will give you)she is a very caring supportive compassionate dignified person who i would recommend to anyone.

Age - 26

Location - Birkenhead

Cause of death - Cystic Fibrosis

Date of birth - 23/05/1980

Date of death - 05/01/2007



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